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Design and Development
Figma, Webflow
8 Days

We were commissioned to re-design & re-develop the website for a leading personal branding agency in the UK. This required 3d assets, interactions & CMS usage within a limited timeframe, of one week.


We completed initial workshops with Kurogo in order to better understand their brand, these collaborative sessions (built on Figjam) allowed us to be more efficient with our design iteration process; necessary due to the tight deadline. Members of the Kurogo team worked with us to complete initial wireframes, which we then converted into higher-fidelity designs using Figma. We re-scoped their brand guidelines, adding some colours to their palette. Upon clearance from Kurogo, we began to build out the design in Webflow, using the Client First framework. Finally, we added some more complex interactions, moved over to Markup for our quality assurance process and published the site!

The site was received extremely well on Linkedin, with dozens of posts, and hundreds of comments stating how much of an improvement it was on their old site, in a remarkably short period of time.

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