New Age Emails

Re-designing an email marketing agency site in 3 days!

New Age Emails

New Age Emails

Design and Development
Figma, Webflow, MarkUp
3 Days

New Age Emails is a new email marketing agency based in the UK, transforming the way that e-commerce brands think about email marketing. The site required a futuristic tone, differentiating it from competitors.


We completed initial workshops with New Age Emails in order to better understand their brand, and the competitive landscape that they operate in. These collaborative sessions (built on Figjam) allowed us to be more efficient with our design iteration process. We redesigned their brand guidelines, adding some colours & illustration styles to their palette. We then began to build out the design in Webflow, using the Client First framework. Finally, we added some more complex interactions, moved over to Markup for our quality assurance process and published the site!

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