Reveal Suits

WordPress to Shopify Migration

Reveal Suits

Reveal Suits

Design & Development
Shopify, Liquid, WordPress, Klaviyo
3 Weeks

Reveal Suits is a high end Suit company based in Texas, US boasting of huge collaborations with influential organizations such as the NBA, Basketball HOF (Hall Of Fame), Subway, Gator Bowl and many more household names. They were previously using WooCommerce as their eCommerce platform but were facing issues with using it which led to the website being neglected over time.

With the new NBA season fast approaching, they wanted us to help them take advantage of their online DTC sales channel via their website.


We understood that there was a lot of dormant potential within this brand so we wanted to bring that to life with the website build. Right from choosing the typography and colors to the structure of the website, we wanted to make customers feel valued. We walked the Reveal Suits team through how to set up a Shopify store, configure all the backend settings and taught them how to use the customizers in need to quick changes.

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