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Minimanimoo is an eCommerce Beauty and skincare brand with a bestselling product called The Gel No More - an acetone-free nail polish remover. Their primary market is in the US online through their Shopify store.

Case Study

How We Used Split Testing To Drive A 61% Increase In Minimanimoo’s Conversion Rate

If you are struggling to reliably increase your revenue & CVR and not running split tests as frequently as you would like (or at all), this is a case study for you.


Minimanimoo, a skincare company, faced challenges with their website's conversion rate, struggling to achieve the desired growth despite a strong product offering. The company lacked an effective strategy to improve their website's performance and was in need of a comprehensive approach to enhance their online presence and drive conversions.


The initial phase of our collaboration with Minimanimoo involved a thorough audit and diagnosis of their website's performance and conversion challenges. To gain a deep understanding of the company's position and customer behavior, we conducted a brand discovery workshop and delved into a competitive analysis to identify areas for improvement. Leveraging data-driven insights, we meticulously crafted and tested various strategies to enhance the website's conversion rate. This involved implementing targeted changes and conducting rigorous split testing to ensure that only the most effective strategies were adopted.


The implementation of our data-driven strategies and targeted interventions resulted in a remarkable 61% increase in Minimanimoo's website conversion rate within just five months. This substantial improvement demonstrated the effectiveness of the comprehensive approach and strategic enhancements made to the company's online presence. The success story of Minimanimoo serves as a testament to the transformative impact of data-driven strategies in addressing business challenges and achieving tangible results.


The collaboration with Minimanimoo led to a monumental success, with the website's conversion rate increasing by an impressive 61% within a short span of five months. This remarkable achievement underscores the effectiveness of the data-driven approach and the strategic initiatives implemented to drive tangible business growth. The success story of Minimanimoo stands as a testament to the transformative impact of a comprehensive and data-driven approach in addressing business challenges and achieving remarkable results.

Type of work:
Liquid, Intelligems, Figma, HotJar
Our Approach

Our Process For The Client

Step Labs illustration

We start with data

Before we begin working on improving your brand’s website, we must first understand where it’s going wrong.

We look at quantitative and qualitative sources of data to identify leaks in your funnel and then form a hypothesis on how to improve them.

We spot problems

We keep an ongoing list of findings from multiple different sources of data. This allows us to interconnect findings and gain deeper insights on your website behaviour and customers.

Step Labs illustration
Step Labs illustration

Create a customised revenue growth roadmap

Fail to plan, plan to fail! We believe scaling from multi 6 to multi 7 figures is a simply a process.

But this looks different for everyone. So we create a specialised revenue growth roadmap focussed on 15 key areas of growth opportunity.

We A/B Test

Testing allows us to take the guesswork out of growth. Our average win rate is 80%. But even in the losses, we see those as losses-avoided and learn from them.

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Results from the project

Reflecting on Our Phenomenal Web Development & Design Feats


increase In Conversion Rate


uplift in Revenue Per Visitor


figure increase in B2B sales

Our Team

Members of team that worked on this

Matthew Attalah

The only person who hasn't got a uni degree on the team

Victor Chukwudolue
Head of CRO

The fastest, tallest, strongest, smartest & best looking on the team

Rabby Fazly

The problem solver


Our Customers Really Love Us, See For Yourself

Had a really positive experience working with Step Labs. They went above and beyond to provide customizations to meet my wishlist, shared great insights on how to improve my site speed, and worked incredibly fast. I really appreciated the team working late nights/early mornings to accommodate my PST timezone from the UK - that meant so much! I liked having a slack channel with them for ease of communication and felt like they have a great grasp on site development/design. would definitely recommend!

Michelle Razavi
Michelle Razavi


Step labs have been a pleasure to work with from collaborating with our U/X designer on wireframes to implementing our web build and tech stack that will help create a seamless experience for our members. Nothing has been too hard an ask and their solutions have been creative and without friction whilst helping us understand capabilities behind different approaches. Would recommend 11/10

Ed Morrison
Ed Morrison

Roots Allotments

Pleasure working with you on this - thanks to you and all the team on the hard work (and perseverance) that’s gone into it. We’ve felt in good hands since day 1 and everyone I’ve shown the site to has had glowing feedback!

TJ Lee
TJ Lee

Vagabond Digital

Step Labs was absolutely amazing to work with! Matthew and his team made the process smooth from start to finish, and I couldn't be happier with the result. They completely nailed what I was looking for, and I am already planning on working with them again for the next project. It's a huge relief for me to have finally found a go-to agency that I can really trust and partner with to develop top tier web projects. I was impressed by the attention to detail, the transparency throughout the project, their professional recommendations to improve things, and the extra steps they took to make this website top notch, and their speedy turnaround. They were truly a treat to work with, I highly recommend Step Labs to anyone in need of their services.

Melanie Dudor
Melanie Dudor

Mello Design Co

The only agency that are actually good at what they do!

Andreina Landis
Andreina Landis


I just have to say that working with you guys was absolutely fantastic! I can honestly say that it was the best experience I’ve ever had working with a developer/agency. Your team made everything crystal-clear, and the entire process was smooth as butter. You truly went above and beyond, explaining everything in detail - which was incredibly helpful. Compared to my past experiences with other agencies, I must say, you guys definitely exceeded my expectations. And kudos to the Loom video! It was super helpful in navigating the changes that were made. Thanks a bunch, and I can’t wait to work with you again!


Obro Labs

I just want to say thank you so much for all your hard work, time and effort, website looks great, very happy with it and excited to start scaling and get the brand out to people now.

It was my first time understanding the building of a website with shopify and I didn’t realise the ins and outs of the platform when we started working together, so appreciate your time for all changes on top (I now know for next time).

I wish you guys all the luck with future projects :)

Siobhan Alexandria
Siobhan Alexandria


A massive shoutout to the incredibly talented team for their hard work and dedication in bringing this vision to life. They've been partners every step of the way, ensuring that the new website reflects the true essence of FixFinder and the exceptional solutions we offer to our valued clients.

Matthew Chambers
Matthew Chambers


I have to say - I am loving these improvements - you guys are doing an amazing job!!!! THANK YOU STEP LABS!!!!

Tom Sanderson
Tom Sanderson


From day 1 of our engagement with the Step Labs team, they were committed to bringing our ideas to life within a short period of time.

Their strategy process was comprehensive and multi-faceted; Step Labs facilitated several engaging and valuable workshops with key members of our team to understand our direction of travel and ambitions.

Matt and the Step Labs team are extremely talented and understand all the UX and UI principles to design a high-quality website that looks amazing and flows to ensure the best user experience.

We've been impressed with Step Labs attention to detail and meticulous nature throughout the process. They listened to what we wanted and have suggested ideas and features to push creative boundaries. Working with Step Labs has been a pleasure.

Lewis Baxter
Lewis Baxter


Working with Step Labs was a pleasure and the end result has far exceeded my expectation. His work was always completed in good time and to a high standard, and super clear communication along the way. Our site is vastly improved, has had great feedback from visitors and finally does our brand justice. Thanks Matt & team.

Sam Winsbury
Sam Winsbury


At every stage of our project, the Step Labs team delivered.

They worked with us to formulate a clear and precise roadmap for how we were going to fix our Shopify store, which had been causing us problems for a long time. They established a clear timeline which was stuck to all throughout the process. The team constantly kept us in the loop, regularly updating us on their progress.

Matthew and his team worked tirelessly to get our website up to scratch, and in the end were able to give our site a complete overhaul, massively upgrading our interface, improving user experience and drastically decreasing the load time which had been driving so many potential customers away. As a result, our revenue skyrocketed.

Step Labs were an absolute joy to work with, and I would gladly recommend their services to anyone in need of a website upgrade.

Hannah Nicholas
Hannah Nicholas


From beginning to end Step Labs not only grasped the vision and projection of Checkmates but helped create a product that encapsulated the story behind the brand too.

I wanted to work with a team who listened to our ideas and took them to the next level. Step labs did not disappoint, creating designs that went above and beyond all expectations. Matthew and his team became involved in many different areas within our startup including; UI and UX design, website design, pitch deck formatting and strategy.

All of which was done on deadline to the highest of standards. I couldn’t recommend Matthew and his team at Step Labs enough.

Leah Zabari
Leah Zabari

My Checkmates

Working with Step Labs was a very smooth process. Their team helped us to better define our place amogst our competitors with some great workshops.

These not only helped our perception of our website, but also our plans for the future of our brand. Beyond that, when it came to design and development, the team excelled.

They were very thorough throughout the design stage and extraordinarily quick to get development underway and finished.

We now have a beautiful website that not only looks good but is also strong in user experience and conversions.

Quinn Lovero
Quinn Lovero


Having worked with Step Labs on several occasions, one thing becomes overwhelmingly clear: they have boundless desire and will to help clients achieve their absolute best, and the results they achieve can truly help a nascent company, startup, or platform in delivering what is needed.

Their work rate is incomparable and you really will be getting a service that will outcompete any potential alternatives.

Bruno Kaapa
Bruno Kaapa

Whitestar Group


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Victor Chukwudolue
Rabby Fazly

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